Smart Data Centre

AIoT For Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Data centre have become a most important part of computing infrastructures. As they evolve from centralized on-premises facilities to edge deployments to public cloud services, it’s important to think long-term about keep up with their dependability and security.


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Common AIoT applications for data centre

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Video Surveillance

Visible imaging cameras are most common for perimeter detection and observation. They are high resolution and often mounted to the entrance of data centre. When analytics detect unauthorized activity, the system notifies the security team.
With an AIoT control panel, users can define their custom Whitelist and Blacklist for the alerts setting. It will send an alert when someone on the list tries to enter or exit a venue.


Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Data centre facilities operate 24/7, which creates a lot of heat and uses a large amount of energy.
Temperature control is important to prevent a data centre from overheating, to regulate equipment cooling, and to measure overall efficiency.
Temperature sensors placed in IT closets, racks mount, air conditioning intake and discharge vents can monitor heat generation and output for the air conditioning system.


Door Sensor

Door sensor will send an alert to a system admin when some body try to open a door of server rack. Also, the platform can enable a alert of non-working hour when somebody open the door, but will not send alert during working hours.


Water Leak Detection

Water leaks are perhaps the greatest danger to a server room. Regardless of whether it is a spilling air conditioner, water-cooled server rack, chiller, groundwater or pipe water harm can have painful results.
Water leak sensors detect water the AIoT platform will send an alert to the system admin so they can talk action immediately. For instance, rope sensors can be set in difficult-to-arrive at areas, for example, around each CRAC unit, under raised floors, and some other water source.

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