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Smart Curtain

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Smart solar curtain is made of polymer nanomaterials, which can effectively block 99.9% of UV and 95% of IR through a unique process, and remove excess infrared and ultraviolet troubles.Compared with traditional fabric curtains or venetian blinds, Smart solar curtain is one-way perspective, which can achieve sunshade and heat insulation without blocking the view.


Blue / White Curtain
The smart curtain adopts a kind of high-tech fabric,which is combined with the technology of high-efficiency light induction, magnetron sputtering, and nano-film inner lamination.Compared with traditional curtains, it has the advantages of high-end atmosphere, beautiful appearance, heat insulation, shading, UV protection, and more transparent vision.


1. Transparent visual,does not affect the sight.
2. Anti-static treatment of polymer nanomaterials can effectively resist dust in the air and easy to clean.
3. Safe and flame-retardant, using high-efficiency fire-retardant and flame-retardant materials.