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Smart glass is a new type of glass with a sandwich structure that combines PDLC film between two layers of glass and is integrally formed after high temperature and high pressure bonding. Through the controller, it can instantly switch between opaque and transparent.


Smart dimming glass is a functional glass that combines a dimming film between two pieces of glass through high temperature and high pressure, which can realize transparent power-on and power-off atomization. Its appearance and application have greatly improved the utilization rate and permeability of reasonable space planning. It can be used in commercial offices, star hotels, hospitals, banks, shopping malls and other places to achieve space division, privacy protection, sound insulation and noise reduction. , blocking UV and other functions, and can also realize functions such as glass pattern customization and rear projection imaging.


"Smart glass allows users to switch from transparent to frosted states instantly by operating a switch.
This revolutionary high-tech product is widely used in interior decoration, various exterior windows, exhibition halls and various commercial spaces."


1. Using different PDLC films for lamination, the parameters will be different.
2. Support different thickness, up to 12mm+12mm.
3. Maximum glass height up to 6m.
4. Support custom insulating glass, glass door, etc.