Smart Elderly Centre

AIoT For Elderly Centre Automation

Intelligent elderly care platform.

Elderly care has also entered the era of Internet of Everything. Many facilities of elderly care centre can be connected to the AIoT platform, combining Internet of Things information to create an elderly care centre with integrated services and intelligent facilities.


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With gateways and smart speakers as the core, with various sensors, collect various status data of the elderly's home and send it to the cloud. There are interactions between the room, the hardware, and the elderly. Collect the data generated by the hardware, analyze, generate reports or alarms, and send the results to the corresponding client.


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Healthy and comfortable living scene

The temperature, humidity, and environmental detection equipment can be linked to the central air conditioner, humidifier, and air purifier system. When it detects that the temperature and humidity are deviating from the set environmental factors, it can automatically turn on/off the air conditioner, humidifier, air purifier, and fresh air system.


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