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We Are

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Establish in 2000


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For AI Plan





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Distributor Of Innovative Products


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Fast & Professional Services


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Our Mission

Offer the most cutting-edge and advance equipment & technology for our customers to encounter every challenge in this information age.





Project Management
Design smart conference rooms / workplaces / Buildings to achieve more effective and creative application.
Integrating professional video conferencing, refine meeting efficiency.
Embrace digital innovation that maximizes a tangible business value.
Provide a maintenance and support service.
•"AI + IoT" which is the integration of AI technology and the IoT in practical applications.
•AIoT SaaS platform and mobile App made facility operations much easier.
•Innovate and accelerate AI services to Commercial / Educational / Retail / Residential with our powerful tools.
•Build tailored solution from the ground up for different enterprises.
•AI technology has been deployed by many businesses to help reduce operational costs and enhance efficiency goals.