Workplace Automation


AIoT For Workplace Automation

An unattended dynamic environment management system is available 24/7 to help optimize the use of workplace.

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• Lighting devices are automatically turned on based on the time and scenario templates
• The air conditioning system pre-runs to provide appropriate and stepped heating or cooling, which saves energy without compromising comfort.


• The illuminance management mode enables lighting devices to adjust illuminance automatically according to the natural lighting status, reducing energy consumption and improving comfort.
• The system runs in all areas and dynamically adjusts the operating parameters based on the ambient temperature and fresh air volume to provide the best environmental comfort.


• The system runs based on environmental occupancy and personnel distribution to reduce the operating load and avoid energy waste.


• Main lighting devices are turned off and emergency lights are turned on in human-sensing mode.
• The system shuts down automatically.

Conference room equipment management and control

Conference room equipment mainly includes projectors, air conditioners, computers, fluorescent lamps, curtains, energy, environmental equipment, professional equipment, access control door locks and other equipment.
In a specific period, infrared human body induction detects that someone enters the meeting room, and all equipment in the meeting room is automatically turned on.
Outside the specified period, the infrared sensor detects that there is no one in the meeting room, then all the teaching equipment will be shut down in conjunction.
Managers can also remotely turn on the teaching equipment through the mobile APP, reducing the preparation time before class and maximizing the use of class time.


Core Devices

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SkyTech AIoT Software Platform

Visualized Device Manage


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