V5 Deluxe

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AI lift camera to protect privacy and security. The ultra-clear 3200W camera, the delicate picture is delivered real, the light and dark environment is clear as one, and the Vientiane is panoramic. The camera automatically rises during a remote meeting, presenting an ultra-wide vision, and is automatically hidden when not in use, without fear of privacy leaks, making negotiations easier.

Double encryption is the best choice for private meetings. In order to bring a more secure user experience, we have introduced fingerprint recognition and unlocking functions, and used commercial encryption algorithms to double-protect wireless screen transmission, identity authentication and other links to strictly prevent the leakage of confidential information and create proprietary private meetings.

Introduced a new operating mode. When you are far away from the conference tablet, you don’t need to get up, you can quickly jump to the application with the small screen in your hand, turn the page of the presentation, control freely, sit tight, and control the whole domain.